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How much can you expect to get if approved for SSDI?

Intended to help Mississippi residents with serious disabilities support themselves when unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance is an assistance program that you may be able to utilize as a disabled person, provided you qualify. Just how much money you can expect to receive in SSDI payments will ultimately depend on certain factors, but there are some areas you can examine to get a better idea of how much you might expect to receive with each payment.

Can a TBI qualify you for SSD benefits?

Say the words "traumatic brain injury," and most in Hattiesburg might automatically assume you mean incidents where a person is left in a vegetative state and unable to care for themselves. Yet TBIs also include things like concussions, whose symptoms are often believed to be temporary. Even mild and moderate TBIs that allow for recovery can still leave you dealing with cognitive deficits that make working to support yourself and your family difficult (if not impossible). Social Security disability benefits may indeed be available to you if you have suffered a TBI, but only if you meet the Social Security Administration's criteria. 

What are 3 ways you can lose Social Security disability benefits?

As a resident of Mississippi who is currently receiving disability benefits from the U.S. Social Security Administration, you probably receive them because you have a serious, long-term disability that keeps you from being able to make a living as you otherwise would. While, generally, disability benefits are long-term in nature, there are certain circumstances that can cause your benefits to cease.

Eligibility requirements for those interested in SSD benefits

While people may feel strongly about the impact of their disability on their ability to retain employment, their eligibility to begin receiving and to continue to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration in Mississippi is only approved after considerable thought. The process whereby it is decided that a disabled person does qualify for benefits has been implemented to prevent people from taking advantage of an imperative resource for those whose disability is truly debilitating. 

How the U.S. Social Security Administration defines “disability”

Many Mississippi residents who apply for Social Security disability benefits receive denials in response to their initial claims, and if you are among them, you may be wondering what you can do to boost your chances of a successful appeal. At the Davis-Morris Law Firm, we understand that many who apply for disability benefits fail to get approval, and in some cases, this is due to their conditions not meeting the administration’s strict definition of “disability.”

Applying for social security on behalf of someone else

When people are disabled in Mississippi, they have the option of applying to receive social security disability benefits. This support may enable them to continue having access to stable income despite their inability to work. Disability benefits may be temporary or they may transition into permanent support if a person's injuries are too great and will affect his or her ability to retain a job. 

Why is your work history relevant to SSD?

When you are injured in an accident that is going to take time to recover from, there are lots of areas in your life that could be affected by the injury itself and the time it will take you to heal. At your home in Mississippi, you may need to modify aspects to make daily tasks easier. At work, you may need to request that modifications be made to your job responsibilities so you can safely and comfortably complete them. In some cases, your injury may require you to stop working altogether for a temporary period of time. 

Understanding the value of a disability planner to you

When you recognize the need to apply for social security disability benefits in Mississippi, there are many valuable resources available to you. Utilizing these resources can help you to be more effective and efficient in your efforts to qualify for and begin receiving benefits. At Davis-Morris Law Firm, we have been able to provide guidance to many people who are working through the process of applying for social security disability. 

How much does a social security lawyer cost?

If you have ever wondered how people on social security disability benefits manage to pay for attorneys to represent them, you are not alone. After all, one of the reasons many people have SSD in Mississippi is to manage unexpected increases in bills or inordinate costs of their disabilities.

Qualifying for SSD benefits due to joint pain

A common question that we here at the David-Morris Law Firm field from clients in Hattiesburg is at what disabling must an injury be before they might qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The answer to that question depends on the type of injury you are dealing with. There are certain cases where the limitations imposed by an injury may be clear. Yet in those that are not, what standard must be met before you can qualify for benefit assistance?

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