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Dispelling common misconceptions about SSDI benefits

Mississippi residents with especially debilitating disabilities may have trouble supporting themselves because they cannot work, and if you are among them, you may be trying to qualify for certain forms of assistance to help you get by. At the Davis-Morrow Law Firm, we understand that Social Security Disability Insurance is one such program that may be able to help you, and we have helped many people in your shoes better understand the benefits system and application process.

According to Everyday Health, there are a lot of common misunderstandings among Americans when it comes to the SSDI benefits process, and all the misinformation out there can make it harder for applicants to do everything correctly. Just what are some of the common misconceptions that exist regarding the SSDI benefits program?

For starters, many disabled Americans are reluctant to apply in the first place because they believe they will receive denials in response to their applications. While it is true that, often, an applicant will receive a denial in response to his or her initial application, it is also true that many such applicants ultimately receive approval for benefits once they file appeals.

Many people also mistakenly believe that SSDI benefits are lifelong, and that their doctor’s acknowledgment that they need these benefits will be enough to get them approved. However, neither of these beliefs are typically true. Even if the U.S. Social Security Administration approves you for benefits, your case will still have to undergo periodic review to make sure you continue to meet eligibility requirements. Also, a doctor’s determination that you are, in fact, severely disabled, can certainly help your case, but it does not automatically mean the administration will approve you. Find more on this topic on our webpage.

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