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Can a TBI qualify you for SSD benefits?

Say the words "traumatic brain injury," and most in Hattiesburg might automatically assume you mean incidents where a person is left in a vegetative state and unable to care for themselves. Yet TBIs also include things like concussions, whose symptoms are often believed to be temporary. Even mild and moderate TBIs that allow for recovery can still leave you dealing with cognitive deficits that make working to support yourself and your family difficult (if not impossible). Social Security disability benefits may indeed be available to you if you have suffered a TBI, but only if you meet the Social Security Administration's criteria. 

Per the SSA's Listing of Impairments, in order for you to qualify for disability benefits following a TBI you must demonstrate a marked limitation in physical functioning as well as impairments in any one of the following four areas: 

  • Understanding, remembering or applying information
  • Interacting with others
  • Maintaining concentration and focus
  • Managing and adapting to changes in either your circumstances or surroundings

Your struggles in the aforementioned areas must be persistent for at least three months from their commencement to the time of you applying for benefits. 

You can also qualify for SSD benefits due to a brain injury if you display a disorganization in motor function in at least two extremities that makes it difficult for you to easily stand from a seated position, maintain your balance while standing or walking, or effectively use your upper extremities. Again, these symptoms will have needed to persist for at least three months in order for you to qualify. Your case will also be viewed periodically to determine if improvements in your condition might allow you to resume working. 

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