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Is your disability eligibility under review?

Even if years have passed since the Social Security Administration approved your application for disability benefits, you may have a vivid recollection of the time and effort you spent seeking approval. Perhaps the SSA rejected your initial application and you had to go through the appeals process. Fortunately, your claim was successful, and you now receive the funds you need to help with your medical and personal expenses.

Receiving a letter from the SSA advising you that your case was under review may have come as a surprise to you. In fact, you may have concerns that the SSA intends to cut off the benefits you depend on. You may find it helpful to understand the review process and your options if the SSA should decide to end your disability payments.

Do you still qualify?

Periodically, the SSA revisits the cases of those who are receiving benefits because of a disabling condition. You can imagine that the amount of fraud the SSA deals with is significant, so this process allows the agency to ensure that only those who truly qualify for disability benefits receive them. By reviewing the conditions of those who receive disability payments, the SSA can discontinue benefits for those who no longer qualify.

To make this determination, the SSA will contact your doctor, review your medical records and evaluate whether your condition continues to prevent you from returning to the work force. The SSA may ask you to submit to a medical exam at the agency's expense. If the SSA decides to discontinue your benefits, it is likely because of one of these reasons:

  • Your condition has improved enough for you to work.
  • You would be able to return to work with appropriate vocational training.
  • Specific medical treatment or technology will allow you to work despite your condition.
  • Your doctor recommends a treatment plan that would allow you to work, but you refuse to cooperate.
  • The SSA discovers that they based your original approval on an error or on false information you supplied on your application.
  • You are already substantially and gainfully employed.

If you have received a letter from the SSA explaining that your case is under review, you can reach out to a Mississippi attorney for advice and guidance. Your advocate may be especially helpful if your condition prevents you from assisting the SSA in gathering the information that will support your case. Additionally, you will have someone ready to take up your cause if you should need to appeal the SSA's decision to suspend your benefits.

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