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Eligibility requirements for those interested in SSD benefits

While people may feel strongly about the impact of their disability on their ability to retain employment, their eligibility to begin receiving and to continue to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration in Mississippi is only approved after considerable thought. The process whereby it is decided that a disabled person does qualify for benefits has been implemented to prevent people from taking advantage of an imperative resource for those whose disability is truly debilitating. 

According to The Motley Fool, one portion of the application process preceding a person's ability to acquire social security disability benefits is called a "recent work" test. Passing this test requires that people have worked for a minimal number of years in correlation with their age and when their disability occurred, in order to be eligible to be considered for benefits. Additionally, they must be able to prove that their disability does in fact prevent them from maintaining employment at all. 

People who have been injured or disabled, but who are aware that their limitations are temporary, are not eligible for benefits as there is no temporary extension of social security disability benefits. Once a disability has been acknowledged, people will need to provide evidence including medical records that indicate that their disability is in fact, permanent. 

The Social Security Administration also requires people to notify them of any significant changes in their disability as they receive updated information, tests and treatments from their health care provider. This is specifically relevant to people whose initial application was denied and they are filing an appeal to have the board's decision changed. Updated information can provide critical support to their case as they try and persuade the board that their disability requires support and assistance.   

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