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August 2019 Archives

Does a mental illness qualify you for disability benefits?

It’s commonly accepted physical disabilities can be a barrier to employment. However, mental illness as an obstacle is oftentimes overlooked. If you suffer from a mental illness, your condition could make it hard for you to find the energy to go to work. You may even think holding a steady job is impossible at this trying time in your life. When your mental illness hinders you from succeeding in a job, you might feel stuck and hopeless. Even if you’re not working, you still have bills to pay.

Is your disability eligibility under review?

Even if years have passed since the Social Security Administration approved your application for disability benefits, you may have a vivid recollection of the time and effort you spent seeking approval. Perhaps the SSA rejected your initial application and you had to go through the appeals process. Fortunately, your claim was successful, and you now receive the funds you need to help with your medical and personal expenses.

Eligibility requirements for those interested in SSD benefits

While people may feel strongly about the impact of their disability on their ability to retain employment, their eligibility to begin receiving and to continue to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration in Mississippi is only approved after considerable thought. The process whereby it is decided that a disabled person does qualify for benefits has been implemented to prevent people from taking advantage of an imperative resource for those whose disability is truly debilitating. 

Why was your application for SSD benefits denied?

When you fill out an application requesting assistance with your financial needs stemming from your disability, one of the most challenging periods is waiting to hear whether or not your application was approved in Mississippi. Even more difficult is if you receive the news that your application was, in fact, denied and you are back to where you started. Under some circumstances, you may be able to reapply for benefits and still have the chance at being approved. 

What to expect during a Social Security Disability video hearing

When you have a disability severe enough to keep you from holding down a job in Mississippi, you may attempt to secure assistance from the government in the form of Social Security disability benefits. Intended exclusively for Americans who have severe, long-term disabilities, disability benefits can be hard to obtain, and many applicants receive denials in response to their initial claims for benefits. At the Davis-Morris Law Firm, we understand that you may end up taking part in a Social Security disability hearing after the U.S. Social Security Administration denies your benefits claim, and we have helped many clients prepare for these hearings and enhance their chances of a successful appeal.

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