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Understanding the value of filing an appeal for your SSD benefits

It can be frustrating if you have received notification that your application for social security disability benefits has been denied by officials in Mississippi. It can be equally as frustrating to receive word that your benefits are being withheld because you are no longer eligible to continue receiving them. At Davis-Morris Law Firm, we are experienced in helping people make the most of their efforts to acquire and maintain needed SSD benefits. 

If something happens to your benefits or your efforts to begin receiving benefits, you have the chance to appeal the decision that was made. This process varies depending on why you are filing an appeal but allows you the chance to plead your case in an effort to have the decision that was made, overruled. According to the Social Security Administration, reconsideration is one aspect of the appeals process. Perhaps the most popular reason why you may file an appeal, this occurs if your initial application for benefits was denied. 

Asking for reconsideration to be taken in your case will mean that someone, other than the party that originally reviewed your application and ultimately made the decision that you were not eligible, will review your application in its entirety a second time. They will also take into consideration any new evidence you have included as part of your effort to persuade them to change their initial decision. 

When you understand how filing an appeal may be of benefit to you, you can be better prepared to make the most of your chance by presenting your case in a way that allows you a promising second chance at being eligible for benefits. For more information, if you are looking to file an application for SSD, visit our web page.  

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