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Applying for social security on behalf of someone else

When people are disabled in Mississippi, they have the option of applying to receive social security disability benefits. This support may enable them to continue having access to stable income despite their inability to work. Disability benefits may be temporary or they may transition into permanent support if a person's injuries are too great and will affect his or her ability to retain a job. 

Applying for social security benefits is something that a friend or family member can do on behalf of the injured person, especially in situations where that person is too hurt to comfortably fill out the application independently. The person filling out the application will need to be familiar enough with the injured individual and the circumstances surrounding the accident in order to provide adequate details about what happened and its effects on that person's lifestyle, ability to work and ability to use previously possessed skills. 

According to the Social Security Administration, while a person acting as an advocate for someone who is disabled, does not officially need to be designated as an authorized representative to fill out a disability application, they cannot sign the application on behalf of the person they are filling it out for. Once the application is completed, it should be promptly handed over to the person who it is for, for them to review and sign. 

The Social Security Administration suggests that as people are preparing for their disability interview, that they gather all applicable details to their situation including their sources of income, their living arrangements, their work history and their medical history.   

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