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Finding out if supplemental security income is right for you

If you have been experiencing the stress of financial strain, you may be investigating other methods of attaining money besides what you currently have. Doing your research is critical to finding a solution that will sustain your needs and allow you to relieve some of the stress you may be feeling. At Davis-Morris Law Firm, we have helped many people in Mississippi to apply for and start receiving the benefits of Social Security and other forms of supplemental income. 

Supplemental security income, also known as SSI, is not the same thing as Social Security contrary to what many believe. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, SSI was created by Congress in the year 1972. Its purpose was to provide an overarching solution to what was then a jumbled collection of grants that were supposed to aid people who were disabled, elderly or blind. The new program, allows you to apply for supplemental income if you fall into one of those categories and do not make enough money or have not accumulated enough assets throughout your lifetime. 

The application process for eligibility to begin receiving SSI benefits requires you to be detailed and honest in answering a series of questions regarding your condition, your background and your current living situation. Whether or not you are approved and for how much will vary entirely depending on your situation and your needs. If you do have additional income, the amount of SSI assistance you are receiving could be limited. 

When you understand the purpose of having supplemental security income, you may be able to make a more confident decision to go forward with your application. For more information about SSI, visit our web page. 

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