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Understanding the value of filing an appeal for your SSD benefits

It can be frustrating if you have received notification that your application for social security disability benefits has been denied by officials in Mississippi. It can be equally as frustrating to receive word that your benefits are being withheld because you are no longer eligible to continue receiving them. At Davis-Morris Law Firm, we are experienced in helping people make the most of their efforts to acquire and maintain needed SSD benefits. 

If something happens to your benefits or your efforts to begin receiving benefits, you have the chance to appeal the decision that was made. This process varies depending on why you are filing an appeal but allows you the chance to plead your case in an effort to have the decision that was made, overruled. According to the Social Security Administration, reconsideration is one aspect of the appeals process. Perhaps the most popular reason why you may file an appeal, this occurs if your initial application for benefits was denied. 

How the U.S. Social Security Administration defines “disability”

Many Mississippi residents who apply for Social Security disability benefits receive denials in response to their initial claims, and if you are among them, you may be wondering what you can do to boost your chances of a successful appeal. At the Davis-Morris Law Firm, we understand that many who apply for disability benefits fail to get approval, and in some cases, this is due to their conditions not meeting the administration’s strict definition of “disability.”

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, you will need to do two main things in order to potentially qualify for Social Security disability benefits. First, you will need to have a certain work history in a job covered by Social Security. Second, you need to make sure your condition fits the administration’s definition of disability, and part of this involves proving that your disability is a “total” disability, as opposed to a partial or short-term one.

Estimating health care costs for seniors

For people who are nearing retirement in Mississippi, one of the first thoughts they consider is what they need to do to begin collecting social security benefits. Supplementary Security Income or SSI is a substantial part of income for many retired individuals in the United States. Without it, many would find themselves in a difficult circumstance of not having enough income to support their lifestyle. 

One of the largest expenses for many retired people is their health care costs. A recent study completed by Milliman, a consulting firm, revealed that on average, a healthy couple of 65-years or older would spend nearly $369,000 on health care in the year 2019. This alarming statistic can be disconcerting to many people nearing retirement as they acknowledge that health care is a critical part of their well-being. 

What if my disability claim is denied?

You have worked as a construction framer for decades, building house after house. However, a few months ago, you severely injured your back. You’re not sure you can go back to construction work and have considered filing for Social Security disability. But what happens if Social Security denies your claim? What are you going to do then?

Applying for social security on behalf of someone else

When people are disabled in Mississippi, they have the option of applying to receive social security disability benefits. This support may enable them to continue having access to stable income despite their inability to work. Disability benefits may be temporary or they may transition into permanent support if a person's injuries are too great and will affect his or her ability to retain a job. 

Applying for social security benefits is something that a friend or family member can do on behalf of the injured person, especially in situations where that person is too hurt to comfortably fill out the application independently. The person filling out the application will need to be familiar enough with the injured individual and the circumstances surrounding the accident in order to provide adequate details about what happened and its effects on that person's lifestyle, ability to work and ability to use previously possessed skills. 

Why is your work history relevant to SSD?

When you are injured in an accident that is going to take time to recover from, there are lots of areas in your life that could be affected by the injury itself and the time it will take you to heal. At your home in Mississippi, you may need to modify aspects to make daily tasks easier. At work, you may need to request that modifications be made to your job responsibilities so you can safely and comfortably complete them. In some cases, your injury may require you to stop working altogether for a temporary period of time. 

Your awareness of the different resources you have to provide financial support while you are unable to work can help you to acquire adequate assistance during a difficult time. One option you could have is to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Filing an application for SSD will require that you provide details about your work history, your injury and how the outcome of your injury has ultimately affected your ability to perform your job at all. 

6 tips for winning your disability claim

If you are a longtime construction worker or nurse whose severe back pain now is keeping you from working, you may want to file a Social Security disability claim.

However, the disability claim process is very complicated. Plus, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many first-time claims on review. 

Understanding the value of a disability planner to you

When you recognize the need to apply for social security disability benefits in Mississippi, there are many valuable resources available to you. Utilizing these resources can help you to be more effective and efficient in your efforts to qualify for and begin receiving benefits. At Davis-Morris Law Firm, we have been able to provide guidance to many people who are working through the process of applying for social security disability. 

One of the most important steps you should take is to spend adequate time gathering the documents needed to prove your eligibility. If you are missing required documentation about your health history, your disability or your personal information, your application will undoubtedly be denied. Guaranteeing that you have everything that is required before you submit your application is invaluable in saving you time as you work through the process. It is beneficial to read and reread the entire application before you fill it out, and afterward to ensure you have not missed any of the important parts. 

How much does a social security lawyer cost?

If you have ever wondered how people on social security disability benefits manage to pay for attorneys to represent them, you are not alone. After all, one of the reasons many people have SSD in Mississippi is to manage unexpected increases in bills or inordinate costs of their disabilities.

There is good news: You can probably afford a lawyer for a social security issue. This is because attorneys who practice in this area of the law tend to bill in a very specific way. For more information on that and some background on the subject, please continue to read.

Submitting another SSD application

When people are turned down for Social Security Disability benefits, they may be devastated. Sometimes, a rejected application can leave applicants feeling as if they wasted their time and many have a great deal of uncertainty with respect to their financial future. However, it is important to note that people can apply for SSD benefits again if they have been turned down in the past. For those who decided not to file an appeal, or whose physical or mental circumstances have changed considerably, applying for SSD a second or even third time may be the right move.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits and have been turned down in the past, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. First, you should try to look into mistakes that may have been made during your previous application (if any) and make necessary revisions to your approach this time around. It is important to think about the long-term benefits of SSD and the important role that these benefits may play in the quality of your life and the lives of those you love as well.

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